One of my favorite things is connecting with other likeminded adventurers and fabulous shoe lovers.

If you want to talk mountain hikes, travel destinations or which Fluevog shoe you love most, drop me a line. Or if you are as sad as I am that Tsubo is no longer in business, we definitely need to commiserate – how am I going to live when my cute, red Mary Jane Tsubos finally bite the dust?

Carthew Alderson

You can pop me a happy tweet on Twitter at @donloree (please direct mean and grumpy tweets elsewhere) or send me an email highheelstohiking at

Email responses may be slow in forthcoming, there is adventuring, running, biking, writing, random home renovation projects, cooking and Jeep maintenance going on over here.

Did I mention I also have a job or five?

If you like photos and ‘insta-ing’ things, you can find me on top of mountains and braving the subarctic winters up here in the Great White North on Instragram at @donloree.

Yes, my mom knew what she was doing when she named me. Who else actually gets to have their first name as their social media handle? Well, apparently Madonna, Cher and Oprah … but you know what I mean!

Thanks mom.

Or if you like none of the options listed above, use the contact form below because my skills in telepathy leave a lot to be desired.

Talk soon!