Most of my days Monday to Friday consist of sitting at a desk in front of a computer or listening to people talk while helping them sort through the verbal rubble to find solutions to business problems.

  • You bet. I am in Human Resources.

I love much of my work and as a consultant I get to meet interesting people, dive deep into the inner workings of businesses and be part of building something meaningful in the world.

Yet there is a reason they tell you not to learn how sausage is made.

Adventure beckons.


While walking to Starbucks on my morning break, I have been known to google flights for the following day to, well, anywhere in the world and make plans to hit the open road 3 minutes after the workweek is done.

Life really is an adventure and it is up to you how much of it you live.

When I am not navigating the downtown subarctic pedways in my high heels, I am most likely off running, biking, hiking, x-country skiing or finding something new to explore in the world.

Helen Lake Jump

That is, unless I am napping (adventuring takes its toll on a girl!) or drinking a fabulous glass of red wine and eating all the chocolate in the house.

  • This reminds me; put chocolate on the grocery list …

The world is a massive place and every single nook and cranny needs to be explored, preferably by moi.

The first 15 years of my adult life were taken up by responsibility and high levels of chaos; that chapter is firmly closed and filed under ‘Life Lessons and Personal Growth’ in the Donloree Archives. Finding myself at the age where scotch becomes amazing, I am enjoying what the world has to offer and drinking deep from the well of travel and adventure as often as I can.

See you on the trails!

~ Donloree