Moul Falls {Wells Gray Provincial Park}

Moul Falls {Wells Gray Provincial Park}

Moul Falls Hike

  • Distance – 6 km round trip
  • Elevation – 140 meters
  • Difficulty – Easy until the very end (some rock clambering and narrow trail behind the falls)
  • Trailhead –  Moul Falls Day-Use Area
  • Logistics – None

Wells Gray Provincial Park is a little bit out of the way, at least it is for me when it comes to weekend adventures. On a weekend, I can usually make it about a 5 hours drive from home one direction, after all, you need adventure time along with all the driving. Wells Gray is seven hours from my home, so despite it hosting many gorgeous waterfalls and hikes such as the Moul Falls hike, I have never been able to make it there. Usually, when I drive by the junction off Highway 5, I am en-route to somewhere else and cannot make time to stop.

  • So instead of always driving by, we opted to make Wells Gray the destination

Most of my weekend adventures are in the Banff / Kananaskis / Yoho area, but the weekend weather in the Southern Rockies on this particular weekend was promising to be terrible, so we found a spot in Valemount and put Wells Gray, Berg Lake, and Edith Cavell Meadows on the adventure list for the weekend.

Wells Gray hosts 41 waterfalls, a few of them very easy to see and access off the main parkway. Everyone goes to Helmcken Falls, and trust me, it is stunning – make sure to go, but don’t pass over Moul Falls on the way.


Helmcken Falls
Helmcken Falls – a fabulous spot, just off the parkway.


Six kilometres round trip and 140 meters of elevation with the opportunity to walk right under the falls makes Moul Falls very unique. I definitely give this 9 out of 10 stars, just for how interesting it is to be able to walk behind a waterfall and a rather large one at that.

Hiking Details

Park at the Moul Falls day-use area 10 kilometres from Clearwater.

The parking area is likely to be full. When we arrived mid-day, people were already parking on the side of the highway. Luckily there is a large, flat shoulder and it is quite safe to park on the road.

The Moul Falls hike is very straight forward. The signs are extremely clear and the path is quite wide and flat until you reach about two kilometres. At this point, the path starts to narrow and slightly descend. You will reach an overlook of the falls with some interesting views, but don’t stop here!

The trail continues to your left and rapidly descends to the valley floor. There is a large set of stairs to climb down and then the trail drops sharply. Be prepared for some mud and to have wet shoes as the spray of the falls makes the whole area wet.


Moul Falls View
You’ve arrived! And the trail is rather muddy and slippery here. Now to go behind the falls!


The waterfall has carved out a large bowl, so large that you can walk behind it and get drenched. It is awesome.

The trail is extremely muddy and wet behind the falls. It is also narrow. Be sure to wear solid footwear so that you don’t slip. The roar of the waterfall is deafening and by the time you get to the other side, all your clothes will be drenched. If you wear prescription glasses, opt to wear contacts for the hike if you have them. Your glasses will be fogged up and covered with water, making the short but very wet section even more difficult.


Behind Moul Falls
It is a wee bit wet here!


The trail continues on the other side of the river but quickly peters out.

Be very careful on the rocks and ridges as they are extremely slippery due to the constant spray of the waterfall.

Watch to make sure that no one is coming around the falls as there is nowhere to pass behind the falls and head back around to start the ascent back to your car.


Moul Falls
Worth a second or third look before heading under the falls to head back to your car.


Make sure to have one last look at the falls before you do the short, steep climb out of the valley and then walk three kilometres back to the parking lot.

On a warm day, you will be dry in no time!


Clearwater lake
Lovely views in the morning at Dutch Lake.


And one tip for a place to eat if you’re hungry after adventuring – check out the Painted Turtle in Clearwater. When we were there the lily pads were blooming and brunch on the deck hanging over the lake was just perfect.

9 out of 10 stars!

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