Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs {Red Cliffs National Conservation Area}

Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs {Red Cliffs National Conservation Area}

Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs

  • 3.0 miles / 4.8 km round trip
  • little to no elevation gain until you are on the slickrock.

Perhaps it means I am selfish, but I love having beautiful places all to myself.

Places like The Wave are incredibly enticing to me, not just due to their beauty but because you also get to experience them in near solitude. So far all of my efforts to get into the The Wave have resulted in a lot of time wasted watching other people’s lottery numbers being drawn. After three tries and three failures, it was time to move onto another part of the Southwest.

Although losing at the lottery and then hiking Angel’s Landing isn’t the worst way to spend a day!

Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs is a gem of a hike and a bit hard to get to!

Yant Flat and Candy Cliff
What an stunning place! The descent took awhile, but it was worth it!


I love hard to get to hikes, it weeds out the riff raff and there aren’t tour busses at the parking lot. In fact, most times it is hard to know where the parking lot is.

To get to Yant Flats you have to be comfortable driving along windy roads with incredibly high, sheer drop offs without a guard rail. The roads are rough, sandy, and not maintained. You will have to drive over a few dry washes and be prepared to drive slow. A high clearance, 4WD vehicle is recommended although we didn’t use the 4WD, but I can see how if you came in from St. George on FR-031, you might be required to do so. High clearance is definitely recommended! We drove in from Leeds, which means less dirt roads and less possibility of getting stuck in a sand dune.

  • If it is raining, just rained, or rain is in the forecast – do not go. There is no point in sliding off the road and down a gully in an attempt to see something beautiful.

I suppose that’s the great thing about these off the beaten path, hidden gems – they aren’t going anywhere and most people aren’t going to find them or take the required effort to get there. If you don’t see them this time, there is always another trip to the Southwest in your future!

And if there isn’t, there should be.

Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs is a 4.8 km return trip with basically no elevation gain. The path is sandy and lined with cacti; if you go in the spring, you will enjoy a large variety of blooms.

Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs
Prickly and pretty!


After 2.4 kms of a meandering trail, you suddenly come upon incredible views and extremely steep slickrock. Take your time with getting down the slickrock! A tumble could lead to an unhappy end and being out there all alone is suddenly no longer what you want and you will find yourself longing for the tour busses full of people.

How to find the trailhead for Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs.

  1. From St. George, go north on I-15
  2. Take exit 22 for Leeds/Silver Reef
  3. Continue on Main St for 1.5 miles and take a left onto Silver Reef Road
  4. Proceed 1.2 miles as Silver Reef Rd becomes Oak Grove Rd
  5. Continue for 0.5 miles and turn right onto FR-032
  6. Proceed 1.5 miles as FR-032 becomes FR-031 (Danish Ranch Rd)
  7. Proceed 7.3 miles to the trailhead on the left.
  8. The trailhead is marked by a very TINY sign and there is a small dirt parking area. The trailhead is directly across from dirt road FR-903

**These are the instructions I used … and unfortunately, I don’t recall where I found them!**

The trail that takes you to Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs is called Anna’s Viewpoint Trail – as mentioned above, there is a very small sign by the very tiny parking area.

When we arrived there was a car in the parking area and so we parked, unsure if we were in the correct place. There was a trail and we had hit 7.3 miles … so off we went!

Lucky for us, we were in the right place.


Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs
It is so nice to be able to have such a beautiful place all to yourself!


Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs
Sometimes you realize how incredibly small you actually are …


Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs
The mountains are calling!


Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs
It is hard to imagine water in such a dry, parched place … yet the evidence is there.


Yant Flat and Candy Cliffs deserves at least a few hours of exploring. Take a lot of water with you, a few snacks, and be incredibly careful on the slickrock.

Upon arrival, we found a couple from the Netherlands at the bottom of the canyon. She had fallen about 20 meters and was unable to walk. At first I thought they were extremely friendly people, but it turns out the waving was a cry for help. After a few hours of carrying her out of the canyon, Speedy piggybacking her the 2.4 km back to the other car in the parking lot, a lot of laughter while she managed through the incredible pain of a broken leg, and the swapping of contact information, we were back on the trail to explore.

Unfortunately, after seeing someone hurt themselves, I was very nervous about exploring too much; certain I was going to be the next to take a tumble down the extremely steep slickrock. The sun was high and hot and after another hour of the hauntingly beautiful place, we were officially sun stroked and ready for dinner and a comfortable bed.

Seeing the white cliffs of Zion National Park off in the distance and about 14 other nooks and crannies that need to be traversed by your’s truly means it stays on my Google Maps of places to explore.

It is an 8 out of 10 for sure!

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  • being the Dutchie you saved -> Thanks again, I will go to Utah again and I will go to Yant Flat again – no worries –
    warm greets and a big hug

    • You are oh so welcome! It was quite the adventure. And I can’t wait to see your pictures from Yant Flat Trip #2!

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