Peregines To The Rescue {Shoe Review}

Peregines To The Rescue {Shoe Review}

Hiking boots … the bane of my existence when it comes to hiking.

I get it, a woman needs sturdy shoes while she is traversing the moraine and scrambling up big rocks. And all those rocks, roots and scree are hard on your feet; you need some sort of protection while you’re scrambling up to the summit. Rolling your ankle or crushing your toe 14 kms away from even a remote chance of help would be bad.

  • Then there are the really bad things that could happen … but we won’t go there.

My first pair of hiking boots, complete with epic ankle support, were purchased off the discount rack at MEC. They were my size, cute and a good brand. After wearing them around my house a bunch of times and giving them what I thought was a solid break in, all that got broke in were my feet. So many blisters!

After the hiking boot fiasco, I bought hiking shoes.

  • Sturdy, unmovable shoes … aka cement blocks.

The weight of these shoes are what puts you over on the 50 pound limit for traveling. And they are so heavy that wearing them through the airport in an effort to maximize your packing capacity just doesn’t make sense.

I mean, I like a good workout but when your shoes tire you out just lifting them from the floor to the conveyor belt at airport security, its too much.

All this to ask, What’s a woman to do?

Trail running shoes to the rescue!

Lake O'Hara - Huber Ledges
I have worn my Peregrines EVERYWHERE! 20 km through Carthew Alderson in Waterton, all over Lake O’Hara — Peregrines all day long. Literally.

This is complete brilliance — two sports, one shoe. And it opens up the door to running the flats and meadows or downhills if I want to. Running in the unmovable cement blocks is an epic case of shin splints waiting to happen.

And two sports, one shoe is good for the line item – adventures and other ridiculousness – in the Donloree Budget.

My favourite trail shoes are Saucony Peregrines.

They are a low profile shoe which look cute and hardcore at the same time. And let me tell you, that is not easy to accomplish!

Saucony Peregrines
Their cuteness wanes a bit when you’ve put 25kms of dusty, hard hiking on them and waded through a few rivers along the way … but they are light and tough – just what this girl needs!

Why I love them:

  • Low offset – 4 mm
  • Squishy in all the right places, but not too much squish
  • Nice wide toe box and still hugs my narrow heel
  • My feet don’t fall asleep (this is a real problem in my world)
  • Neutral shoe … it’s not trying to control my foot – a woman should never be controlled, especially by her shoe!
  • 8.4 oz … which is both light and heavy enough to keep you upright on the trails
  • Grippy … they have a way of attaching themselves to the earth so you don’t face plant

They even have winter versions of the shoe – Peregrine Ice! They are fantabulous for winter running as they are waterproof and have grippy technology built-in for running on ice and they have taken into account the fact that things freeze when it’s -20 and you’re out running. These guys stay flexible in the cold, which, if you live in the subarctic like I do, this is a HUGE benefit.

  • Running IN ice blocks ON ice is a recipe for disaster — especially if your name is Donloree.

I took my Peregrines racing in Moab, straight up slick rock, back down and through a river and nothing horrible happened. The footing was less than ideal, but the shoes and I made it through like champs. Although, I was very sad to plunge my very cute Peregrines into the murky river at the end … but that’s a story for another day.

When I found last season’s model on sale at MEC, you had better believe I picked up the last pair in my size.

Saucony Peregrine
I am basically ready for a month of traversing the Spanish and Portuguese countryside – what else does a woman need?

They are the first thing being packed for my upcoming month in Spain and Portugal.

  • Peregrines + a cute dress may = a day of trekking through castles and art museums … it may just happen!

What are your favourite trail shoes?


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